List of 2024 Tax dates and Events in Autumn and Winter


  • October 5 – Chargeability Deadline
    • This is the deadline for notifying HMRC of chargeability for 2023/24 (i.e. registering for self- assessment).
  • October 16 – Inflation Figures
    • As part of the triple lock system impacting state pension and benefits, inflation figures are announced in mid-October for the following April’s state pension.
  • October 31 – Self assessment tax return
    • If you would like to submit your self assessment tax bill via paper (as opposed to digital) you will need to file their return by this date.


  • December 17 – Last Day for General Election
    • Should the current government decide against holding a general election in mid-2024, this is the final day to call a general election for the following year. This would then need to take place on January 28th 2025.
  • December 30 – Self-assesment Tax return
    • Your self-assessment tax return need to be filled on this date, if you are a self-assessment taxpayer and you would like HMRC to collect any tax due via your PAYE tax code.

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