2022/23 National Insurance Bands

Unless the Chancellor makes an announcement to the contrary on 23 March, which is very unlikely, the rates of National Insurance Contributions for workers and employers increase by 1.25% from 6 April 2022. This is to provide extra funding for health and social care and will become a separate Levy from 2023/24. 

The starting thresholds for employee and employer national insurance contributions (NICs) have also been increased. Employees will be liable to 13.25% NICs between £190 and £967 a week (£50,270 a year). Employer contributions at 15.05% will start at £175 a week.

For 2022/23 the self-employed will pay 10.25% Class 4 NICs on profits between £9,880 and £50,270. Employees and the self-employed will pay 3.25% on earnings or profits in excess of £50,270 from 6 April 2022.



DateWhat’s Due
01/03Corporation tax payment for year to 31/5/21 (unless quarterly instalments apply)
19/03PAYE & NIC deductions, and CIS return and tax, for month to 5/03/22 (due 22/03 if you pay electronically)
01/04Corporation tax payment for year to 30/6/22 (unless quarterly instalments apply)
05/04End of 2021/22 and start of the 2022/23 tax year. 
19/04PAYE & NIC deductions, and CIS return and tax, for month to 5/04/22 (due 22/04 if you pay electronically)

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